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Ecce Homo

  • Latin for "Behold the Man", Ecce Homo are the words attributed to Pontius Pilate upon the presentation of a scourged Christ. Also referred to as "Christ the Bridegroom", the icon often depicts Jesus amidst the suffering of His Passion, highliting the humanity within His nature and the sacrifice of the event. Rendered in a more traditional Eastern style, the icon is less graphic than other Passion scenes which helps it retain a serene divinity. Much like other depictions of Christ, the cruciform halo atop Jesus's head contains the letters Ο Ω Ν -  meaning "He Who Is" - in reference to God's revelation to Moses at the burning bush. 


    Icon measures 11.25" (length) x 7.75" (width). Hand painted in the Byzantine style by an artist from Palestine.

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