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The image of the Pantocrator, or "ruler of all", is perhaps the oldest depiction of Christ in iconography. The first known image dates back to a wood panel from the 6th Century, housed in St. Catherine's Monastery on Mount Sinai. Since that time, the image  - a half-length portrait of Jesus with his right hand in blessing and his left hand holding the Gospel - has been reproduced in thousands of variants. Ultimately, the icon portrays Christ as a righteous judge and lover of mankind, positioned in a place of omniopotence which sustains the world. The cruciform halo at the top of Jesus's head contains the letters Ο Ω Ν, meaning "He Who Is", in reference to God's revelation to Moses at the burning bush. 


Icon measures 14.25" (length) x 11.75" (width). Hand painted in the Orthodox style.

Christ Pantocrator


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