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Pantocrator - Christ the Teacher

  • The image of the Pantocrator, or "ruler of all", is perhaps the oldest depiction of Christ in iconography. The first known image dates back to a wood panel from the 6th Century, housed in St. Catherine's Monastery on Mount Sinai. Since that time, the image  - a half-length portrait of Jesus with his right hand in blessing and his left hand holding the Gospel - has been reproduced in thousands of variants. Ultimately, the icon portrays Christ as a righteous judge and lover of mankind, positioned in a place of omniopotence which sustains the world. The cruciform halo at the top of Jesus's head contains the letters Ο Ω Ν, meaning "He Who Is", in reference to God's revelation to Moses at the burning bush. This variation on the theme, dubbed "Christ the Teacher", depicts an open Gospel, emphasizing the gift of Christ's word for delivering salvation. 


    Icon measures 11.25" (length) x 8" (width). Hand painted in the Byzantine style by an artist from Palestine.

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