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SharingPoets@StPaul - September 2020

Another month, another opportunity to engage with our virtual space for sharing, discussion, and creation! See below for a sample of this month's discussion starter.

The poetic imagination changes things. Artist Jonas Wood flattens out the three dimensional world into flat color and shape. “I’m interested in exploring the spaces that I’ve inhabited and the psychological impact they’ve had on me and my memories of them,” says Wood. “And then I can create a new memory of that space.” In our present life of restriction we all have the opportunity to explore the possibilities of imagination and memory.

A March 5th article in the New York Times revealed that sometimes a poem is batted around by the editiors to jolt them out of any mental ruts. It is the job of the poet to reframe, surprise and inspire. That is the peculiar “magic” of poetry.


See the document attached below for the rest of our monthly discussion starter. And make sure to send your name and email to Fr. Tom Holahan, CSP at to be included in the discussion group if you haven't already done so!

SharingPoets Discussion Starter - Sept
Download • 166KB

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