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SharingPoets@StPaul - January 2021

Looking to try something new and expand your horizons this New Year? Consider participating in our monthly poetry discussion! Browse an excerpt of this month's discussion starter below, and look out for more information at the end of the post!

Poetry lives both as a purely spoken art as well as one that can inhabit the space on a page. Rather than preferring one over the other, it may be best to celebrate the virtues of each type.

The performance of poetry can have an immediate connection to the audience; it’s a form of theater. But what about using the space in and near the written poem?

Last year, the Grolier Club exhibited the work of designer-printer Peter Koch. Why not take a few moments exploring his website…

The line breaks of a poem (caesuras) allow the writer to suggest who the line should be read, but such breaks can also be playful, hinting at suspense or surprise loaded into the next word. The three consecutive dots that form an ellipsis can signify the power of silence or emptiness…or even the felt lack of words that have been lost.


See the document attached below for the rest of our monthly discussion starter. And make sure to send your name and email to Fr. Tom Holahan, CSP at to be included in the discussion group if you haven't already done so!

Sharing Poets discussion starter Jan 202
Download • 276KB

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