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SharingPoets@StPaul - August 2020

(A sample of this month's discussion starter is featured here...)


Artist Kerry James Marshall has started a new series reimagining John James Audubon’s “Birds of America.” The imagination part is applying a “Black Lives Matter” sensibility to the iconic Audubon style. Marshall makes the point that in “Black and part Black Birds in America: (Crow, Goldfinch)” (above) the bird house is too small for the bird and that there is a “pecking order” displayed in his painting. True. And it is also true in our country at the present moment. This artist has the confidence to believe his creativity can speak to the moment. Poets are often engaged to do the same thing.


See the document attached below for the rest of our monthly discussion starter. And make sure to send your name and email to Fr. Tom Holahan, CSP at to be included in the discussion group if you haven't already done so!

SharingPoets - Aug 2020
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