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Resurrecting the Wisdom of David - Fr. John Geaney's "Psalm Sense"

While the Psalms play an important role in the celebration of Christianity, it can be daunting to explore the vast wealth included in their 150 passages. Moreso, it isn't always easy to see how this spiritual abundance can be applied to the issues our world faces today. Psalm Sense is a program intended to explore the practical relevance of these sacred verses.

Fr. John Geaney, who has been a Paulist for over 56 years, uses the rich wisdom of the Psalms to illustrate ways we can find peace amidst modern struggles. Long-time director of the Catholic Information Center and previous rector of the Cathedral of St. Andrew in Grand Rapids, MI, Fr. Geaney is a skilled communicator with a wonderful demeanor. His program tackles issues such as the pandemic, voting, keeping the faith, and many others.

Check out two of our favorites below!

The rest can be found on the Paulist Father's YouTube page, or on their Facebook page.

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