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Classic Catholic Fiction Book Club- August Meeting

On August 24th at 6:30 PM, our Classic Catholic Fiction Book Club will be meeting via Zoom to discuss and debate Daniel Silva's exciting new spy novel, The Order.

In the latest installment of Silva's bestselling "Gabriel Allon" series, the Israeli spy’s relaxing family vacation in Italy is interrupted when he gets a call from a dear friend, Pope Paul VII’s private secretary, Archbishop Luigi Donati, who needs Allon’s help to prove that the Holy Father did not die of natural causes. Just before his death, Pope Paul VII made a remarkable discovery deep within the Secret Archives of the Vatican library: a book of gospels that would confound centuries-old beliefs about the death of Christ and heal the rift between Christianity and Judaism. But a corrupt secret society within the Vatican—the Order of St. Helena—will do anything to keep that book from coming to light. In fact, the Order has very specific plans for the papacy, and is extremely well-funded by a source with ties to the church that began in World War II. The Order dives deep into the history of the Catholic church and the corruption within its most lauded ranks, while giving readers a fast-paced, twisty novel that keeps us guessing from beginning to end. —Seira Wilson, Amazon Book Review 

In order to attend the meeting, email your RSVP to, and we will reply with a link to attend.

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Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting! Stay safe and healthy!

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